About Us

14625076141_ba9d0d94c3_kWho is Health Systems Management Network Inc.

We were founded in 1987 by Seasoned Clinical professional, an executive management professional, financial analysts, clinical documentation experts, Senior Coding Auditors and an IT team stolen from industry.

For the last 28 years we have provided our clients, hospitals and physician practices consulting services with unrivaled success. HSMN strives to produce the highest quality results by improving financial performance and work place productivity. With both of our senior management team having begun their journeys In NYC hospitals, we have the on hand experience and attitude to get the job done.

Our triumph in the healthcare industry takes root in our ability to see each client as an individual. Beginning with a thorough assessment of each client, we use advanced analytics to discover the real issues in your processes, systems and clinical services. By defining the issues at hand, we define a mission and help structure roles to carry out the new approach.

Founder’s Biography

Cathy Idema, BSN, MPH, FAAHCC

Cathy Idema ColorCathy Idema graduated from The University of Michigan School of Nursing with A Bachelors degree in Nursing and went on to become a supervisor. Upon finishing her Masters at the University of Michigan, she came to New York where she was appointed as the Director of Emergency and Outpatient services. Them, Cathy went on to become the Associate Chief of Nursing for all of the Emergency care and Out Patient activity at the Columbia University Medical Center.

Cathy found Health Systems Management Network in 1987. She has led a practice with seasoned professionals who have not only had the experience of managing every aspect of the Financial/Revenue Cycle but also of consulting to a long and deep list of the best Hospitals in America.

Theo Tarantini

Theo Tarantini in ColorTheo Tarantini began his Administrative career in Medicine as an Assistant Director of the Gourverneur Health Services Program, the first Federally funded Health Center and the largest serving a diverse community in lower Manhattan. Theo focused on Patient care through efforts to improve scheduling, physician cooperation and claims management.

Theo was assigned the task of opening the New Gouverneur Hospital and becoming its Chief Operating Officer. Theo moved on to become the Chief Operating officer of the Metropolitan Hospital in NYC and the Acting Executive Director.

Not satisfied with working within the constraints of a “Petrified” public System, Theo founded with Cathy Idema Health Systems Management Network, a firm that has a client list with most prestigious and well known academic medical centers. The focus of the firm has always been the entire Revenue Cycle with special attention to the Medical Staff. Theo has led many of the projects at clients such as The Johns Hopkins Health System, The University of Chicago Health System, The University of Michigan Health System, and many large faculty practices and Community hospitals.

Theo attended Fordham University where he completed a Bachelors and Masters degree before entering the PhD program. Within two years Theo then completed his Masters degree in Hospital Administration, Administrative Medicine and Public Health.

Theo learned early on that understanding the culture of each client and its character is the key to succeed.

How we go about our business

The most important thing to know about the HSMN practice is that its focus is not myopic but rather contextual.  HSMN believes not all practices are the same, nor are all hospitals; they each live and breathe based upon their own values.  So HSMN has learned that solutions must be able to work in the client environment.  For the HSMN team it has never been, “it worked at that other place, it should work here.” The people in your organization are the organization and understanding them and what they have built to date are important markers for our work.