For Specialized Providers

CB106274 by Spirit-Fire

In today’s world, all of the big companies want to look small in order to present “personalized services” in a “customized fashion.” The problem with doing that is quite often, the large companies have large cultures and bring cookie cutter solutions; the belief that “If it worked there, it will work here.” Instead we are small, personal and very experienced so that initially we can determine the size and scope of an engagement and then determine what needs to be added to our “personalized culture” and experienced team.

When one of the largest Dialysis providers in the nation asked our firm, one of the smallest in an industry of large companies, we told them we needed to understand not only the problem at hand but who they were.  Beyond getting past the specific problem, we asked where the company was going and what philosophy fueled their clinical endeavors.

When our questions were answered, we sized up to meet the needs of the client. Each one of our divisions prepared adequately, our humble IT crew managed and supported 325 nurses in the field with new Medical Necessity software to process claims and monitor clinical documentation. The end result was a terrific success helping our client through their difficult passage to Financial Health.