For Hospitals

Medical/Surgical Operative Photography by Phalinn OoiThe hospital organization is not a business model but rather a “Delivery of Health Care Model.” The unique organizational structure of hospitals strives to connect disciplines and departments with clinical integration as the focus. The three largest and most distinct cultures are: the medical staff, the nursing administration and staff and the administration/finance. Each has its own goals despite the mission statements in which all are connected to perform as one. If only it was as simple as it sounds.

HSMN’s approach to hospital management consulting is firstly, understanding who the client is. The next important step is to understand the culture of the entire organization and the subcultures that comprise the entity. Without taking the time to connect with the people of the organization and understand the goals of the key “Stakeholders” regardless of the “Engagement Client”, no consulting process can be successful.

If you call upon us, you can expect us to ask questions about the entire organization as we define what is really being requested and what the goals are. We work closely with your teams as their perceptions tend to drive the orientation of goals and ultimately, success.