For Physician Practices

The Physician by Adrian ClarkPhysician practices in America today are the last stand-by Clinical Entrepreneurs whose success is determined by how well their patients do. In doing this incredible work, clinicians/physicians need to know that they can support themselves and their families financially, and that issue is making the practice of medicine fragile and seemingly unattainable by those coming out of training and embarking on Clinical Entrepreneurship for their Medical Practice Management.

Our work is to assure that every practice is strengthened and strategically pointed in the right direction with all of the tools and organizational aides to create success. While the Affordable Care Act is the background for the future, it is the individual practitioner and the partners that really are the future of Physician Practice Management.

Our philosophy is not to push people into believing that the only way they can survive is to become part of an Accountable Care Organization or Group of many physicians but rather to keep providing the high quality of care with great patient outcomes. Our job is to strengthen practices so that they are the point of spear in the new world of Medicine.