Health Systems Management Network, Inc Now Assists Hospitals with ICD 10-CM Training Through Online Training Programs

Wellington, FL — (SBWIRE) — 07/02/2013 — HSMN’s “Start Ten Plus” program has focused on clinical and revenue cycle management staff creating a clinical documentation, coding and claims continuum for hospital billing. In a recent article they announced HSMN’s acquired technology to personalize an assessment of the current clinical documentation through HSMN’s Deconstruction Methodology of ICD-9-CM and reconstruction into ICD-10-CM using active cases.

The benefit from having this process done internally using the organization’s clinical champions and revenue cycle team leading the charge is that it has credibility for the rest of the clinical/practice team.

HSMN’s program includes made to order internal presentations for each clinical discipline and each of them available on the web by staff members who could not attend a presentation that HSMN has equated to a “Grand Rounds” presentation.

In a community hospital setting such a presentation would include the care team and members of the revenue cycle management team. HSMN’s new configuration includes the kind of technology that allows for interaction of this entire process by those attending and those sitting elsewhere.

Today HSMN announces that their “Plus” program includes the clinical staffs’ professional billing components through the same process. It is clear from the OIG’s (Office of Inspector General) that there is great concern that there is consistent overbilling for office or hospital visits supported by the reliance on electronic medical records.

Over the years many physicians have under billed because of fear of OIG scrutiny. So this is the time to assess where clinical documentation and coding are in individual/group/faculty practices and determine what is correct for the clinical discipline. This is a process that HSMN has used to help many individual/groups to get it right. While there are two sets of guidelines for E&M there is only one correct way of support to a level of care in either scenario.

HSMN proposes to work with large and small groups using our “Deconstruction and Reconstruction Methodology” for the ICD-10 transition with a view toward having these available for each practice in web based technology.

What is important to note about the HSMN methodology is that it focuses on both the clinicians and the practice management staff and can be used for training new partners or other staff. The cases that will be included will be familiar to the entire staff and will make learning a lot easier. HSMN knows there are many vendors selling educational products that are “canned goods”. HSMN believes that clinical documentation improvement is a process that must be individualized and internalized, practiced and constantly reviewed.

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