Health Systems Management Network Shakes Things Up to Boost Revenue for Ambulatory Care Centers

Wellington, FL — (SBWIRE) — 11/15/2012 — Health Systems Management Network, Inc. (HSMN) announces it has reorganized its ambulatory care billing division to focus its engagements in restructuring ambulatory care units. Specifically, in the areas of operations, organizational structure and revenue cycle management, which will put ambulatory care facilities back in the “not losing money” category for hospitals and will create healthy profit margins for the physician-owned centers.

Health Systems Management Network, Inc has been a leader in reorganizing ambulatory care structures, particularly in the ambulatory payment classification (APC) era. While most organizations heard the message about how services were to be reimbursed, some may have missed the part about restructuring the delivery process to become more effective for patients and the cost structure.

HSMN has found that many organizations bifurcate the APC experience by separating the financial component (reimbursement process) from maximum efficiency. The overlay of the total costs, make most hospital-owned ambulatory care centers less competitive with those owned by physicians. While physicians are reimbursed at a lower rate, insurers tend to like their lower costs and overhead.

HSMN’s new program changes the mindset that has been prevalent in hospital-owned ambulatory care centers and inserts new critical thinking concepts that encourage staff, especially medical staff, to contemplate the bottom line and treat all costs as though from their own pockets. To achieve this, it requires a complete assessment of operations and of the cost basis for everything that is done in the ambulatory care center. After which, the final step is to create the kind of organizational mindset that allows the organization to promote its mission. The mission always includes quick turnaround, lowered cost, effective use of space and resources and staff who are skilled at recognizing waste and inefficient processes.

“We are entering a new era of reimbursement and scrutiny of quality. Now is the time to conduct an assessment so that HSMN can build the best management plan for an organization” says Theo Tarantini, Chief Operating Officer. The Plan will include every aspect of operations, finance and functioning that makes an ambulatory care center competitive at a time when patients have many choices. Gastroenterologists who have opened their own ambulatory procedure center are conscious of being the new and cutting edge airline, not the legacy airline of the ambulatory procedure world. As a result, in many communities, they have succeeded where the hospital center has failed. Too often, we see failures from the weight of too much cost and bureaucracy.

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Health Systems Management Network Shakes Things Up to Boost Revenue for Ambulatory Care Centers