HSMN Specializes in Post-Epic Implementation Assessment and Repair

Enterprise-wide systems such as Epic are making invaluable contributions to a healthcare organization’s ability to have an EMR that allows a complete view of the patient and a comprehensive approach to claims management. One of the characteristics of this system and others like it, is that it is a frame whose internal work organization must be provided by the buyer. HSMN has assisted many organizations with the development of EMR criteria.

Each year thousands of organizations use hours off line to build the workflows and processes that make the enterprise-wide system work well. After the “build” there are months of training for those who will train staff. During the build processes, the goal is to ensure that established working processes are transformed into acceptable workflows within the system. Does that always happen? HSMN can help you ensure that it does.

Large organizations have reported that such system, if built properly, saves life, time and money. However, many have found that after implementation, some processes either don’t work or don’t reflect what was intended. This is typical of any major system implementation. It is difficult to grasp all the complexities and only after it is in use, the organizations who have purchased it find some things missing or not working well. Managers are often taken off line once again, to begin the corrective process. With managers off line even more things in day to day operations are missed. This cycle can do more harm than anticipated.

Managers who have been through the process, often comment that they wish they had known at the beginning what the sausage was going to turn out to be. Therefore those who have been through the experience suggest setting up a performance metric and assessing each new work flow based upon a stated objective. With feedback from medical staff and others, the metric should be used to determine whether expectations are met and what needs to be changed. HSMN has successfully established such metrics for many healthcare organizations.

HSMN’s Chief Financial officer says that “even more importantly, make sure that anyone who finds a process not accounted for and not included in the workflows can pick up a phone or email someone who will quickly investigate.” In some of the Organizations, a rapid response team has been put together to review omissions and to gather feedback for the changes necessary. Other organizations have called in a consultant to help, but one that knows the situation and the players well. HSMNhas been that great help for many well-known healthcare organizations. Please take a few moments to visit our website www.hsmn.com or call us at 866-908-4226.

HSMN Specializes in Post-Epic Implementation Assessment and Repair