HSMN tops the list of Revenue Cycle Management Companies in the Most Recent “Modern Health Care Magazine Survey”

For almost 30 years HSMN has worked with Providers of HealthCare in every setting from Academic Medical Centers to Individual Physician Practices.  The Firm was founded by Cathy Idema, BSN, MPH in 1987 and has built a practice that encompasses seasoned HealthCare Financial, Operational, Clinical and who represent every function within the Revenue Cycle.  HSMN is very proud of its record with Medical staff throughout the country to have depended on its analysis and management plans for improvements.

HSMN is not a vendor of software but rather a hands on firm who works closely with the processes, workflows, organization, Medical/Clinical and Administrative staff, and all Systems in order to provide a Comprehensive Correction Plan that engages all who touch it and whose outcome are clean claims with reduced denials.

With HSMN there is no sales force and no bait and switch tactic. The principals of the firm are the ones who do the work and present the Plan.   HSMN has encountered found every issue in every setting where the Revenue Cycle was not performing to reach its financial goals.  The answer is only the “Systems” in use but the structure, the roles, training, whether staff use critical thinking skills when they spot anomalies.  So too with the Medical staff who often have difficulty in using clinical language that matches things that are billable.   HSMN has earned its reputation by building bridges between Medical decision making and events and the translation of those for Optimum reimbursement.

Please contact us through our web site www.hsmn.com or by phone 866-908-4226.