ICD-10-CM Preparation and Data Analytics Consulting Now Offered by Health Systems Management Network, Inc.

Wellington, FL — (SBWIRE) — 05/14/2013 — HSMN has previously announced their Start Ten Plus Program that combines transitioning medical staff to ICD-10-CM and creating partnerships with skilled coders who use critical thinking skills and creating an internal clinical documentation improvement program with and for the Medical staff.

One aspect often neglected that is important and perhaps the most critical element is that correct data is flowing into the “System in use” in a continuum that creates a flawless claim for services rendered.

In HSMN’s 30 years of clinical documentation improvement consulting, they have found that often there are larger problems with data collection, input, tools and confluence with other systems that feed the claims. Often these are not picked up especially after the installation of a new system.

Therefore one of the most important aspects of the consulting project is data analytics. The team examines every source of data that feeds the claims. In the “Epic” environment there are interminable work queues that create rework and force incredible amounts of staff time on correction.

In a recent assignment in a large hospital/academic medical center it was clear that claims were missing encounters and procedures; this is aside from the “Edits” through which the claims must pass. HSMN has concluded is that their ‘Start Ten Plus’ must look at every data source to assure that from front end to back end correct data is flowing.

The data collection tools, the human input, the flow and the ultimate outcomes are at the very center of our Start Ten Plus consulting practice. The program is Start Ten Plus Data Analytics.

All sources must be trusted; trust is lost when those working the system make mistakes which create the queues and back up cash flow and affect net revenue or the system has not been able to collect or transfer data appropriately.

HSMN’s reputation has been built on finding what is not there and what should be in the data. They will work to transition the medical staff with their methodology of deconstructing active cases in ICD-9-CM and reconstructing them in ICD-10-CM. In that process they will assure that every facet of data is correct and finding its way to becoming a Clean Claim.

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