For Hospitals

Health Systems Management Network has provided both Interim Management and Operational Assessments for all Revenue Cycle functions for 27 years. Because of our work with many hospital clients over these years, we have learned that filling a vacant spot should not be the only goal but rather to see whether significant improvements can be made to the processes in place, Systems use, role definition of each type of job competency within the Revenue Cycle. And finally an assessment that helps determine both the leadership requirements and the organizational structure necessary for successful Revenue outcomes.

Our engagements include interaction with the Medical staff because they are part of the patient encounter which generates the revenue for both hospital and the Physicians professional fee. In other words, HSMN understands that without interaction with the source of the revenue initiation, the Revenue Cycle and its constituent parts cannot be effective.

We were privileged to be the Consultants who assisted a large Midwestern Hospital System in one of their associated community hospitals. HSMN provided leadership in the HIMS arena with a new approach to process and leadership and interaction with the Medical staff. HSMN provided the leadership for patient financial services in each of its divisions. We also took the leadership redesigning roles and implementing patient admission and registration processes and job competencies essential to success. Likewise we responded to the need for a better cash flow and the elimination of denials. In the end our client had the best cash flow and revenue year they ever had. The changes that we were helpful in making were institutionalized along with new roles especially in leadership management positions. Subsequently, the hospital was doing so well that our not for profit Academic Medical Center client was able to sell the community division to a for profit hospital company.

In engagements HSMN has been able to have leaders of the organization step back and take a look at how they have been doing business; we then engage the staff at all levels in eliciting ideas about change. Unless organizations reach into their own cultures and meld our recommendations with what works within their value system, nothing really ever takes hold.

HSMN doesn’t just suggest ideas but puts an implementation plan in place after the “ideas” have been tested by staff in real live situations. No two hospitals or clinics or practices are alike. Change must come from the synergy that is built within the organization through leadership. HSMN is not in the baby sitting business. For us Interim Management is an opportunity for our clients to reshape their Revenue Cycle Organizations into effective generators of revenue. Revenue based on reality.