The Epic Curious Administrator

The New Epicurean is now the Epic Curious Administrator

For over 27 years Health Systems Management Network, Inc has grown its client base by being successful in helping the curious client find Revenue Opportunities.  Some of those in Financial will assert that we have done everything to find new revenue.  “We have bought new software and new hardware.” In fact we now have Epic and have everything electronically determined.

In the last several years HSMN has found that the conversions to Enterprise wide systems have brought mixed blessings to every part of the Revenue Cycle.  There are rave reviews for the system overall but key managers find that some crucial factors are missing and they are linked to missed revenue opportunities.

Based upon its work with many such clients HSMN has developed an Epicurean system which we call the Epic Curious Administrator.  Epicureans are defined as those devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.  The Epicurious Administrator has a lust for finding revenue opportunities and does not accept that the new workflows and the System are doing it all.  For over 27 years HSMN has been finding Revenue Opportunities for both Professional fee and Hospital fee billing the old fashioned way: looking at every piece of data related to Patient encounters and Procedures that would suggest a Hospital or Physician resource has been used and not accounted for. Based on our work with many hospital and large group/faculty practices HSMN has developed the algorithms and the work processes to sort out those items in the patient data that are eligible for billing but not billed.

We applaud all of those who have moved to the Enterprise Systems because of what they can do for patient care and vast improvements in data collection. But our experience tells us that we must keep looking for opportunities and when we do, we find them. The methodologies developed for finding the opportunities are passed on to our clients who then incorporate them into their operational and systems use.

Let us help you find and be lusty about finding Revenue Opportunities.

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