Transitioning the Medical Staff and the Revenue Cycle Management Team in a Concurrent and Seamless Process.

“The best revenue cycle management consulting firm you’ve never heard of.”

HSMN has successfully worked with academic medical centers, faculty and group practices and community hospitals in helping them successfully transition to every iteration of reimbursement, coding and claims management since 1987.  During that period we have worked closely with the medical staffs of these organizations based upon a model that was developed with such clinicians as those at Partners, Johns Hopkins, The University of Michigan and others. The main objective has always been to improve clinical documentation in order to translate patient encounters to support accuracy for claim submissions that can pass through without rejection from any internal or external sources especially the “Enterprise Wide Systems” such as Epic.  These same methodologies have also been used to support the clinical staff and their professional fee component by building “Clinical Documentation Bridges” between the clinical decision making and the coding realities.  

Health Systems Management Network, Inc. doesn’t sell software or hardware but rather works at the ground level with every facet of the revenue cycle and directly with the medical staff.  Our engagements also include working along the side of the House Officers who manage inpatients.

We do comprehensive checkups on all revenue cycle processes. HSMN tops the list of consultants in Modern Health Care’s recent survey of management consultants because our work has been praised by clients from Stanford Hospital to Johns Hopkins and many in between.

Many hospitals, clinical practices and health care organizations are turning to automation to help them with the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS, in addition to assuring that their coders are trained and certified.  Our approach adds a dimension that focuses on the people, skill levels, organization structure, the processes, the workflow and the use of Critical Thinking to identify problems and to interpret documentation of procedures into an acceptable procedure code in the ICD-10-world.   This is a new era and we need new thinking.  HSMN works with the medical and administrative staff to foster new thinking and to be critical of work flows and processes that can be improved.   

Below are links to recent articles and press releases about our work and methodology for revenue cycle, clinical documentation improvement, all related workflows and transitioning medical staff to ICD-10-CM and PCS. We don’t sell software, hardware or products.  We have been referred to as the best “Revenue Cycle Management Company” you have never heard of by one of our academic medical center clients.

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ICD-10-CM Links:   (Ctrl + Click to follow link)

  1. HSMN Announces the Start 10 Program to Assess the Readiness for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-Procedure Coding in the Revenue Cycle Management Process.

1.1            HSMN Announces Comprehensive Analytic Reviews of Hospitals Systems for ICD-10-CM Transition

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1.3            Health Systems Management Network, Inc Now Assists Hospitals with ICD 10-CM Training Through Online Training Programs

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Revenue Cycle Management Links:   (Ctrl + Click to follow link)

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