HSMN Announces Comprehensive Analytic Reviews of Hospitals Systems for ICD-10-CM Transition

Wellington, FL — (SBWIRE) — 07/16/2013 — HSMN announces a program called “Start Ten Plus ICD-10-CM/PCS Systems Analytics”. Previous program announcements focused on preparing the medical/practice staff and the entire revenue cycle management team for the transition. HSMN has stated that unless the transition starts at the front end and at the source where the patient encounters and procedures are ordered, documented, and done, the most important aspect of the transition to ICD-10CM will be missed.

HSMN has published a handful of announcements regarding their ICD-10 transition programs with the most recent five being:

Introducing the Start Ten Program for the Transition of Medical Staff to ICD-10-CM/PCS
An Audit of Clinical Documentation Practices and Coding is the first step in a successful or transition to the world of ICD-10-CM for the Medical Staff
Health Systems Management Network, Inc. Now Assists Hospitals with ICD 10-CM Training Through Online Training Programs
HSMN Announces the Implementation of Web Based Training in Its ICD-10-CM Transition Programs
Health Systems Management Network, Inc. Tells Clients to Prepare for ICD-10-CM Requirements Even with ACA Corporate Delay to 2015

“This information will help in filling in the gap on what we have recommended as the base for a successful transition. The next most important part of the transition is the detailed and analytic review of how systems are prepared for performing in the ICD-10 environment” states Theo Tarantini.

HSMN’s approach to systems analytics is to categorize and prioritize various systems based on functionality. During the analysis they identify the systems that impact the revenue cycle, clinical informatics and HIMS processes.

Taking this approach, they look at systems readiness and adaptability to ICD-10. For example within clinical informatics; an area not immediately thought of in relationship to ICD-10 conversion, they determine if the test ordering systems, pharmacy and registries be able to accommodate the new code set.

Healthcare providers typically think of revenue cycle systems and HIMS systems when thinking about coding, sometimes forgetting about the role that coding plays in the flow of clinical information.

HSMN’s 30 years of operational and clinical experience allows them to understand the interrelated functionality of the multitude of systems employed by healthcare providers of all types and sizes in the delivery of healthcare services.

The goal is to ensure that continuity and quality of patient care is not compromised when legislation brings about sweeping changes such as ICD-10.

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