HSMN Announces the Implementation of Web Based Training in Its ICD-10-CM Transition Programs

Wellington, FL — (SBWIRE) — 07/03/2013 — Health Systems Management Network, Inc. announces the availability of web based training for ICD-10 transition programs.<--break->These programs are part of its “Start Ten Plus” programs which encompass the following elements: reviews of current clinical documentation and coding accuracy of the revenue cycle management team through its “Deconstruction Methodology”, reconstruction of such cases by clinical discipline and roles in ICD-10-CM/PCS, and the presentation of such cases by key medical staff and revenue cycle team members to their peers.

Due to the many requests for HSMN’s “Educational Videos”, they have made these training programs available for their customers. Their web-based education is based on an assessment of how current clinical and revenue cycle management staff is doing with the current ICD-9-CM and procedure coding.

Once the assessment is complete and the gaps or issues found, then HSMN and the hospital staff work together to configure a presentation that will be meaningful to its members. The presenters are going to be recognizable to their peers and the issues raised will be done not by outsiders but by those on the clinical staff who have to improve clinical documentation and then learn the even more arduous specificity requirements of ICD-10-CM and PCS.

HSMN has learned in its thirty years of consulting, that physicians and clinicians are often too busy to sit at a didactic session that for them is often abstract. HSMN has found that clinical staff will relate to a real case, diagnoses, interventions and outcomes within terms they understand within their organizations.

Those who believe they can buy a video or presentation will find many on the Internet from wonderful companies. That is not what HSMN does. HSMN incorporates assessment, deconstruction, and reconstruction of clinical documentation in both the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM. The basis for this approach has been developed after many consultations done and much advice provided by clinical staff members from many hospitals.

In HSMN’s many engagements over the years, two comments always emerge from the clinical staff be they faculty or independent: “We are not like that other hospital you have mentioned” and “How do those other guys do it?”

The message is that the culture, history and practice values of the organization are the factors that contribute most heavily to the success of clinical documentation Improvement and transition to the new coding scheme.

HSMN thinks organically in working with Clinical and RCM staffs. Call us 866-908-4226to discuss what you are trying to achieve or email theo@hsmn.com, website http://www.hsmn.com and we will work with you to make it successful.