HSMN has been awarded as one of the largest Revenue Cycle Management Companies by Modern Health Care
HSMN has been awarded as one of the largest Revenue Cycle Management Companies by Modern Health Care

healthsystemsmanagementnetwork-93Thirty years ago Health Systems Management was formed by a group of highly trained front line managers, directors, and Executives who wanted to create a firm devoted to all aspects of the Revenue Cycle in of the health care provider circles.

HSMN pioneered the concept of an “integrated and interactive process among all members of the RC Team. We were also one of the first firms to work on the front lines with every level of staff to better understand the barriers to creating a clean claim for services rendered.

Throughout the years since our founding we have work with the most complex teaching hospitals, Teritary care facilities, ambulatory care, large and small physician practices and of course Community Hospitals. In each engagement we reached out to understand the culture, the environment and the processes in place to better provide a Plan for success. We have succeeded in every case to make a significant impact on income flow, cash and reduction of denials.

Even today, we work with Clients who have adopted an Enterprise wide system in order to bridge the gap between how the work queues are written into the System and the reality of the patient encounter.

We are prouder today than we ever have been in making our clients operate more effectively. Most often and by choice of our clients, we stay to help implement and role model for the changes needed in table of organization.

Our staff have significant experience whether you speak of working with the medical staff who need help in bridging the gap between Clinical Decision making and Clinical documentation and the coders who must understand the clinical context and be highly trained ICD 10 coders and consultants.

If one speaks of why are there backlogs of claims since the implementation of the system or mystery linked to denied claims. Our team not only makes the corrections on a case by case basis, but finds the root causes through analysis and helps to implement the changes.

We look forward to discussing any Revenue Cycle Issues with you especially in light of any new Enterprise wide (Elecronic Record) that has been implemented.